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Marie Abbate, Artist

Paint what you see...

To me, art is about how we see the world... I find much of my inspiration in the colors of nature, the emotion of the human spirit and even the simplicity of everyday objects.  Many times i find myself wondering how i might capture a subject in a drawing or painting or how I might mix that specific color only seen in nature.  I believe the secret behind capturing that look, moment, feeling, or color is by drawing or painting a subject exactly as you see it and testing various color combinations.


As a child, I loved to color, paint or just plain create.  I was happiest with a pencil in  my hand and that is still true today.  My first commission was a large oil painting for a clothing boutique.  Since then, I have created many works of fine art as commissions and also for exhibits.  Studying art with various teachers has helped me refine my technique over the years.  I've exhibited with the Pascack Art Association, the Ridgewood Art Institute, the Gaelen Art Gallery, the American Artists Professional League at the Salmagundi Club and the International Art Expo in New York City.  I also have a degree in International Business and have worked in Advertising, Marketing, and Sales.


Now I invite you to come see the world through my eyes...

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